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One of the most difficult encounters for the law enforcement officer involves the suicidal person.  What questions do you ask?  What information do you need?  How do you respond?
This is why I developed the Rapid Suicide Screening Card for Law Enforcement Officers!

All the information you need in a pocket-sized card. There when you need it, and it includes what you need to say in your report in order to protect the suicidal individual, be heard and understood by the ER Staff and cover your own liability.
Start with what you can see… Behaviors!
Move to what you hear… Statements!
We can train your entire department in several days.  Onsite classes last approximately one-hour and we can provide seven or more trainings per day, including trainings scheduled for “second & third” shift officers.
The training will also be available on-line for any officers who are unable to attend the scheduled trainings.
The online training component requires a brief a ten-question quiz and then a certificate of completion will be provided for their file.


They will feel confident and capable in a suicidal crisis!

You have heard the old trope – “Cops are like Social Workers.”  Let’s train them like Social Workers.  I am a “Social Worker with a Badge.”  A licensed clinician and a sworn constitutional law enforcement officer in the State of Louisiana, teaching crisis intervention since 2007 and training law enforcement in a variety of crisis issues.  
Once your department receives training and begins using the NRSS Card, in the event of litigation due to any incident where the card/screening is used, we provide a full range of litigation support to mitigate liability.


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